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Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

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The Permanent Painless UUPAS Laser Hair Removal for Women Men!


  • Are you still struggle with old-fashioned hair removal processes like shaving, plucking or waxing?
  • Are you still pay premium prices for out-of-home salon treatments?


IPL HAIR REMOVAL will help you achieve them all! Our Permanent laser hair removal device breaks the cycle of hair regrowth.The result is forever hair removal and smooth skin.It is very gentle,especially for sensitive areas,such as the face or bikini line. With Permanent Laser Hair Remover, you can say goodbye to facial hair, body hair, and even skin issues.

Clinical studies shows 75% of hair growth was inhibited and the hair became less and thinner after using the hair removal 8 weeks. The hair was reduced by more than 90% after 8-12 weeks, effectively remove unwanted hair to get silk skin in 3 months. Say goodbye to unwanted hair.

  • 1-3 weeks Hypnotic hair follicle,hair follicles begin to atrophy, hair growth slows down and becomes thinner.
  • 4-5 weeks - Hair fall off. 85% of hair has inhibited growth, significantly reducing hair.
  • 6-7 weeks - Inhibiting regeneration. 95% of the area was completely removed and inhibit hair regeneration.
  • More than 8 weeks –Permanently suppresses hair regeneration and skin becomes smooth.


Place the product vertically against the skin and press the flash button to start hair removal. No more than 3 continuous flash hair removal to be conducted in the same place.


Users can change from manual to auto and vice versa, Long press and hold launch button for 3 seconds when the device is powered on, the display will show ‘AUTO’ and the device is set to AUTO mode. Also do the same procedure when returning to manual mode. Use any mode of your choice to make the most out of the device.



  • 1.Shave to remove hair on the surface and clean the residual hair.
  • 2.Clean the flash window and its glass with a cotton swab or dust-free cloth dipped in medical alcoho.
  • 3.Power device by plugging to power outlet, LCD screen will display ‘OFF’ to indicate powered successfully.
  • 4.Wear the glasses, adjust energy levels to suit your skin, place flash window of the device vertically to the skin and press the flash button when the green light indicates and move the device slowly around the skin when in AUTO mode.